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HOMELESS people in Scotland’s cities could have temporary tenancies “flipped” to give them more secure permanent accommodation after the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a letter to housing campaigners, seen by The Herald, the Scottish Government has said that an option available to local authorities to ease homeless pressures would be that “temporary accommodation could be flipped to permanent”.

The letter indicates that this decision could only be made by local councils, who are currently dealing with unprecedented pressures and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Scottish Government’s homelessness and rough sleeping action group has previously touted being able to “promote and support the use of mechanisms that enable a tenancy to move from temporary to settled where this is the choice of the tenants”, known as flipping.

The action group also put forward “introducing regular and frequent review periods” for people living in temporary accommodation – which would open up “the opportunity to explore the potential for it to become a settled option”, such as “flipping a temporary furnished flat to full tenancy agreement”.

In Scotland’s major cities, rough sleepers have been temporarily moved into hotel accommodation in order to give them safety where they can self isolate from Covid-19.

In Edinburgh, all homeless families with children have now been temporarily moved from unsuitable temporary accommodation such as B&Bs and placed in flats that have come available, including former Airbnb-style short term lets.

But concerns have been raised that this temporary solution cannot be scaled up to become a permanent solution once the pandemic is resolved – with private properties to return to their original purpose.

The Scottish Government has now pointed to a possible idea that could contribute to helping more families be placed in suitable and more permanent accommodation, post Covid-19.

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