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THE coronavirus crisis risks creating a “lost generation” of vulnerable children and young people, it has been warned.

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition (SCSC) raised “major concerns” that only around 1 per cent of youngsters classed as “vulnerable” are attending childcare hubs during lockdown.

It said: “It is becoming clear that the current lockdown measures are having a major impact on some of the most vulnerable children in our society.”

The organisation also warned the number of vulnerable children will increase because of the additional pressures placed on families and communities by the Covid-19 outbreak.

It came as a new report said the youth work sector is facing a “perfect storm” of a mental health crisis coupled with further cuts to services.

Organisations are facing an income loss of at least £20.5 million this year, a survey of sector leaders by YouthLink Scotland found.

The SCSC said those living in poverty and deprivation and those with additional support needs “may not be getting the support and services they most desperately need due to lockdown”.

It warned: “Failure to act now will lead to a lost Covid generation, where issues are stored up for the future with an impact on the individual concerned and resultant cost to society as a whole.”

The SCSC is an alliance of leading providers of education, care and support to vulnerable children and young people.

In written evidence to Holyrood’s Education and Skills Committee, it raised concerns over how “vulnerable” children are defined.

Education Secretary John Swinney previously told MSPs he would not “set a definitive definition of what a vulnerable child is”, insisting schools and local authorities “are best placed to identify which children need care, protection and support the most during the period that lies ahead”.

However, the SCSC noted a Scottish Government report published last month said there were 97,000 vulnerable young people – around 10% of under-17s.



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