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Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre said the impact of sexual violence and trauma continued, with some people living in indefinite lockdown with their abusers.

Staff urged anyone who needs to talk to reach out via phone, email or text if they are able to.

Centre manager Jan Swan said: “However far we’ve come, rape and sexual violence are still issues that many people find hard to talk about.

“Sexual violence is prevalent in communities right across Fife but most of it takes place behind closed doors, so sometimes people assume it’s not happening.

“Most people who experience sexual violence are assaulted by someone known to them, often within their own family or by their own partner/spouse.

“This means that some people in Fife, including children and young people, are currently stuck at home with their perpetrators for a prolonged and indefinite time.

“This is, for many people, a truly terrible and potentially dangerous time.”

Ms Swan said the service provides support to all survivors of sexual violence in Fife over the age of 12, no matter when it happened.

“Even for survivors whose immediate home situation is safe, not being able to use ordinary coping mechanisms, comforts and/or distractions such as spending time with friends and family, working alongside others or the gym means that people are struggling with their mental health.


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