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With many young people relying on low-paid work, and the expectation of a recession, many aged 16 to 25 fear they could become collateral damage.

A recent survey by the Prince’s Trust has found 69% of young Scots feel as if their life is on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.

The study delved into the feelings young people have been experiencing since lockdown began in March.

The findings showed four in ten young people don’t feel in control of their lives, significantly higher than findings from just five months ago

More than a quarter of 16 to 25-year olds in Scotland said their future career prospects have already been damaged and half believe it will be harder than ever to get a job.

Meanwhile the study showed the mental health of Scotland’s young people has also been affected.

As many as 40% feel their anxiety levels have increased and 30% say they are overwhelmed by feelings of panic and anxiety on a daily basis.

Ben is a 20-year-old music student in his third year at Aberdeen University.

He usually teaches saxophone in his spare time, but lessons have dried up after initially moving online when lockdown began.

With summer jobs looking scarce and his student loan coming to an end until next term, he’s concerned about income:

Ben said: “I’m looking a bit in despair at my bank balance at the moment because all my bills are coming in over the next two months.

“Of course my SAAS has now stopped and there’s no money coming in which I would have expected through summer jobs. I’m left a bit dry at the moment.


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