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The local authority has already announced that some recycling centres will open their gates from Monday – albeit with limitations – some road and lighting maintenance issues will also re-start.

But it stressed all changes will come with a safety first approach for staff and the public.,

Steve Grimmond, chief executive, thanked Fifers for their patience during lockdown.


He said: “Our plan will be to follow the same type of phased approach as outlined by the Scottish Government.

“We are already seeing a few services get back up and running, but we have to be extremely careful about and when we do this.

“The response from the public so far, and the support received, has been amazing. It is important we stick together and get through this recovery phase without jeopardising all the good work that has gone before.”

Plans are in hand to run many services online and remotely for some time yet – possibly months – and the majority of council buildings will remain closed.

Added Mr Grimmond: “Please do not try to come back to any of our facilities.”


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