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The coronavirus pandemic has plunged desperate households into hardship as people find themselves furloughed or redundant.

The Cottage Family Centre in Kirkcaldy has launched a fundraising drive asking people currently working from home to donate what they would previously have spent on petrol to fuel a family instead of their car.

Donations at the start of lockdown meant the centre could buy food, essentials and children’s activity packs but additional financial support is vital to allow the work to continue.

Cottage manager Pauline Buchan said: “The money we have had so far is running out and we need to ask people to help in any way they can.”


Since the start of April 12,600 packed lunches have been given to vulnerable children in the Kirkcaldy area and 1,586 seven-day food packages delivered, along with nappies, baby clothes, wipes and buggies.

The centre has also been supporting families with utility bills and has bought cookers, washing machines, beds and mattresses for those who were going without.

“We are hearing from families with young children on a daily basis now that are desperate,” said Pauline.

“None of us knew how bad it would get for some of those people on our doorstep but as the weeks have gone on money has got tighter, some have lost their jobs or been furloughed and pressures have increased.”

She said the Fuel a Family campaign followed a donation from a regular Cottage supporter.

“He donated his petrol money to us because, in his words, he wasn’t spending money on petrol and wanted to fuel a family instead,” she said.

“We thought this was a good idea and want people to consider donating money they would usually spend on petrol or diesel for their car to help us provide essential support for vulnerable families in Kirkcaldy instead.

“Even if they don’t have a car and can only afford to donate the price of their weekly bus fair or taxi somewhere, every little will help.”

The Cottage has set up a crowdfunder to allow people to donate online at

“These people need our help now,” said Pauline.

“We are working harder than before to make sure we are there for them when they need us but we need the local community to dig deep if they can.”

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