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And how can you help to shape its future?

Those are the questions at the heart of a new debate launching this week – and it is open to everyone to get involved.

Greener Kirkcaldy is hosting an online event on Tuesday, July 7, which will look at what the “new normal” will be in the Lang Toun, and how the community can take the lead going forward.

The town has been in lockdown for over three months, forcing huge changes to our daily lives and routines.

With shops, schools, offices and buildings closed, it has also given many people the opportunity to rediscover their home town – and perhaps see it through fresh eyes.

The challenges which the town faced before lockdown are still there, but has the time spent confined changed our thinking on the road ahead?

Greener Kirkcaldy is holding Kirkcaldy After Lockdown, in partnership with the new Kirkcaldy group, Love Oor Lang Toun.

The online event takes place on Tuesday July 7, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm and is free to attend.

It brings together a range of local speakers, including Christine May, who chairs Greener Kirkcaldy’s board; Cara Forrester, from Love Oor Lang Toun, and Allan Crow, editor of the Fife Free Press and creator of the new ‘Civic Conversation’ series, to talk about what they think Kirkcaldy’s ‘next normal’ should be.

They’ll also be joined by guest speaker, Matt Baker from Midsteeple Quarter, a Community Benefit Society in Dumfries.

Its experiences could be a blueprint for Kirkcaldy to study, and even adopt, as it begins to transform its town centre which has suffered horrendous losses in recent years as major chains have closed and people have shifted to online shopping.

Midsteeple Quarter was set up in response to a community-led consultation which uncovered a consensus amongst local people that a priority for the Dumfries of the future was a more diverse town centre with people living there alongside a mix of new businesses and retailers as well as culture, leisure and services.

The project will see the local community take back control of a group of underused and neglected High Street buildings and refurbish these as a contemporary living, working, socialising, learning and enterprising quarter.

Those ambitions chime with the drive to create a new, vibrant town centre in Kirkcaldy which is built around residential, retail and recreation … and it too has plenty of empty and abandoned buildings which could be given a new lease of life.


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