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The Scottish Sentencing Council believes that a guideline will increase public knowledge and confidence by explaining the process involved in sentencing a young person, and increase understanding of the factors which are taken into account when sentencing young people under 25.

The guideline would also help judges and lawyers, and promote consistency in the sentencing of young people.


Following the creation of its draft guideline the council launched a 12-week public consultation in February. It was due to close in May but was extended by three months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The public consultation will now close on Friday, August 21.

The Scottish Sentencing Council would especially like to hear from those who have experience of the criminal justice system, including from victims and victims’ organisations, and those with a particular interest in the sentencing of young people.


The new guideline sets out what makes young people different from fully mature adults and how this affects the selection of the most appropriate sentence.


Under the guideline, sentencers will also be asked to take into account factors common to many young people who commit offences, including adverse childhood experiences such as trauma or bereavement.


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