Spaces for People – Equality Impact Assessment Survey

Fife council is proposing to put in temporary measures that help people socially distance when travelling throughout Fife.  The measures are designed to be temporary; they need to be easy to put in place and can be moved or used in different locations in Fife. The measures will be put in place to help make it safer by helping people physically distance when walking, cycling, driving, using public transport for permitted journeys and exercise.

Some of the measures we are suggesting are:

  • Wider areas for pedestrians
  • ‘physical distancing’ signs at shops
  • Pop-up cycle lanes
  • Traffic calming
  • Temporary 20mph limits
  • One-way systems for cars and buses
  • Closing roads at certain times
  • Making the surfaces people walk or cycle on safer
  • Automatic pedestrian crossing signals so people don’t have to press buttons
  • Information campaigns to make more people aware about how pedestrians and cyclists can safely share the same space, but in much greater numbers than was previously experienced.
  • Extra and wider crossings for pedestrians so people can stand further apart at crossings or if a crossing is busy there will be another one close so they do not become crowded.

For more information see the webpage and

Who is likely to benefit?

The groups Fife Council think would likely benefit from some of the measures are:

  • older people, including their carers
  • disabled people, including their carers
  • pregnant women
  • children or infants, including their parents/carers/guardians
  • minority ethnic people
  • low income households
  • People with learning difficulties

Relevant Documents

The teams undertaking the design and implementation works have the new RNIB code and will use this as a key guidance document in developing the proposals. To read the code click RNIB Coronavirus Courtesy Code

Fife Council Consultation Questions:

  1. Are there any groups or needs, we have not mentioned?
    If yes

    • a)What groups have we missed?
    • b) What would you suggest we put in place to help the group you mentioned?
  2. Are there any other suggestions or changes you would like to see, that we have not mentioned? (this may feel like a repeat of 1b but this one is asking from a personal point of view and not a group)
  1. Are there other key guidance documents or recommendations which should be considered in the development of these schemes?
  1. Do you have any comments on the proposed type of works contained withing the Spaces for People project in Fife?


How to take part?

The survey is available in several languages and BSL, click on the links below for a word(DOC) version:

English Spaces for People – EqIA Survey

Arabic الموقع الإلكتروني لمجلس فايف (Fife) الخاص ببرنامج الأماكن المتوفرة للناس Spaces for People

Mandarin 法夫郡议会“Spaces for People”网站

Polish Strona internetowa Rady Hrabstwa Fife dotycząca programu „Spaces for People”

Romanian Site-ul web al programului „Spaces for People” (Spaţiul destinat oamenilor) demarat de Consiliul din Fife


A BSL Information video about the survey is also available:



Please email your response to, by 31st October 2020.

If you require any assistance or support to take part in the survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.