For our first Let’s Keep Chatting episode we are with EATS Rosyth, a community hub that has been around for the last 3-4 years helping their local community through reducing food waste and providing locally grown food. They are not only known for providing food but also run a community garden where they have a variety of produce growing and letting people of all ages get involved. Listen in to find out more about how they have adapted to the Covid19 pandemic and the effect of lockdown.

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About EATS Rosyth
Since COVID-19 started, EATS has had to restructure their format by providing emergency food parcels and having a helpline available.  This has happened based on that restrictions that have been placed on businesses and the third sector.  Community meals was a big part of one of their services that they provided and now people are not benefitting from the drop-in experience that they were able offer before.  They now must pre-arrange pickups from the hub because of the distancing ruling where only two can come in inside but they also share from the outside also.  They have had to rely on referrals from Fife CouncilFife Voluntary Action and other agencies and support groups.  Space though is a major issue for EATS Rosyth, they wish to find premises that can help them provide more space for people to come in while they get their food but also have space that has a kitchen so that they are able to cook more meals but also have the chance to have cooking lessons available also.   

Since the lockdown EATS Rosyth has worked with many groups such as Alzheimer Scotland, where they have been bringing groups to do gardening and taking them to the library because of bad weather but they have also been able to continue online.  Fife Migrants Forum has also been helping with some families that have not been able to communicate well.  They have been able to keep in touch and update the group with the needs of the families as some have babies and they can help with nappies etc. EATS also have also been working with Nourish Scotland and applying the Dignity in Practice approach.

More recently EATS also worked with Peas Please on their Veg Fest event (still on during the week of the podcast) where people can get involved discussing food and poverty.  Scotland the Bread is also another organisation that the group have got in contact to help supply bread making kits for the local residents. 

One key issue EATS is facing at the moment is finding enough space, not only for preparing food parcels but for the group to bring back some normality when they were able to have people drop in and having a coffee and chat.  

Listen in to the podcast and if you can help with this issue, or just would like to get in contact with the group you can go to their website at  or get in touch through their helpline number:  07782848705.