This week is Transgender Awareness Week! Running from 13-19 Nov 2020, this week aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by trans people across the world and encourage people to stand up and help address these issues and barriers. Allies can do this by taking action, educating communities and sharing stories and experiences of prejudice and discrimination.


The Scottish Trans Alliance released a brilliant video asking “What do you want the general public to know about trans people?”

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Transgender Awareness Week rounds off just before Transgender Day of Remembrance, which takes place on 20 Nov 2020. Starting in 1999, Transgender Day of Remembrance looks to honor the victims of anti-transgender violence and highlight the losses caused by hate and discrimination. There will be a lots of vigils across the world to take part in and honour the memory of these victims.

There are lots of events and more available to attend on the LGBT Health and Wellbeing website.


Don’t tolerate hate. Report it. If you or anyone you know have been bullied or harassed, get in touch. Fife Centre for Equalities is a third-party hate crime reporting centre and can support you, as well as offering advice and guidance. To report any hate incidents or to find out more, click here.