In Let’s Keep Chatting Episode 4, we are with Saje Scotland, a community voice organisation based in Fife. Saje Scotland was established in 2011 and helps women dealing with domestic abuse in every corner of the country.

Her-story Rewritten – 1 Year Anniversary today

Listen in as we chat with Janet Henderson,  one of the founders of the group and discusses how their work has changed during Covid19 and the training programs that they have in place to help women dealing with domestic abuse.  As we release the podcast today (26 November 2020), it is also the year anniversary of “Her-Story Rewritten”, an anthology of true stories written by women and girls who have survived partner abuse compiled by Saje Scotland.

Saje Scotland can be contacted via email at on their website at  They are also on Twitter: @herstoryrewritten, Facebook:  @sajescotland, @SajeHerStoryRewritten and Instagram: @herstoryrewritten

Let’s Keep Chatting S1E4 Saje Scotland
Let’s Keep Chatting S1E4 Saje Scotland – Use the video for Closed Captions (CC)