Do Hyeon Gim was attacked by a gang of teenagers as he walked home in Edinburgh.

He’s from Korea, but was called ‘China Virus’ and kicked and punched while passers-by filmed the violence on their mobile phones.

Police say the number of China-related hate crimes in Scotland has risen by 50% this year – “probably related” to people blaming coronavirus on the country.

One senior officer said cases tended to rise when lockdown restrictions were tightened.

Do said he was abused daily as cases soared at the beginning of the pandemic, leaving him traumatised and scared to go out at night.

“I stood there and they were punching me and kicking me,” he told STV News, referring to the attack in February.

“It was a daily thing to be called ‘China virus’. Obviously there were a lot of people around that area and it was me who got picked on.

“I was a bit traumatised. Then I was a bit hesitant roaming around when it’s dark.”

Do reported the assault to police, but his attackers have not yet been traced.

He said: “I only wanted them captured so the teenagers could learn about how serious it could be and they don’t repeat the mistake when they’re older.”


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