In this podcast, Mick Cairns tells us about this new charity, from A Veteran’s Best Friend.
The charity works with veterans and provides a safe space to talk about mental health, with the help of assistance dogs. Mick is an ex-marine who wants serving and non-serving veterans to be able to talk about mental health without stigma.

In the podcast, Mick explains how mental health assistance dogs are able to read their owners mood and body language. Mick also describes how setting up groups especially for ex-armed forces makes it easier to talk about past experiences, such as PTSD.

Let’s Keep Chatting S2E2 – A Veteran’s Best Friend

Mick’s connection to the charity is personal as he is an ex-Royal Marine, who has been having his own mental health battles.  A reaction from his dog, made him think how they could help people with mental health, so he investigated this further.  It also helped that he had volunteered with Bravehound, where he was to learn more before setting up the charity.

A Veteran’s Best Friend aims to match the veteran and a rescue dog together as Mick feel that “It is like the dog and veteran are rescuing each other”.   They are looking for premises that is either cheap or free now.   They want to be able to have permanent base where people can drop-in not just for training dogs, but also offering group therapy sessions also. 

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