This week is Mental Health Awareness Week! Mental health awareness week hopes to raise awareness of the importance of mental health throughout our lives, as well as how we can influence policy and work together to overcome the challenges and barriers created by mental health inequalities.

This year there is a wide range of campaigns that you can take part in! In Scotland, the focus is on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and getting politicians involved in the prevention of mental health issues by helping to reduce poverty, trauma, childhood adversity, job insecurity, inadequate housing and social isolation.

Learn more about the Mental Health Foundation’s work in Scotland here.

In April, our student placement from the University of Stirling, Kayleigh, released their “Winter Lockdown Mental Health Report” after surveying 111 people across FCE’s social media networks, Kayleigh analysed how people are feeling in lockdown, the barriers they have been facing due to poor mental health and what advice they had to maintain good mental health.

To read the full report, click here!

Kayleigh also released a video presentation of her report, that goes through the whole process of writing the report and how she analysed the results, check it out here.

If you’re interested in joining our team and conducting research as an Equality Factfinder, get in touch!