Individuals feel respected, safe and have the freedom to lead a fulfilling life where they live, work or study

Producing a range of accessible, in-depth reports in relation to events held by FCE, evaluations of projects and also reports from other organisations that relate closely to FCE’s vision and aims.

Enable individuals to raise concerns when they do not feel respected, safe or have the freedom to lead a fulfilling life because of their protected characteristics

Working in partnership with Fife-based and national organisations to tackle inequalities and social justice.

Individuals and groups feel better connected and are able to contribute to public policy and the planning and delivery of local services

Expanding our membership of the Equality Collective (Formerly the Equality Participation Network) and effectively engaging with communities.

Participate in key strategic partnerships and maximise equality communities’ contribution to key policies.

Keeping you updated through a range of regular, accessible communications such as Equalities Monthly, Training Opportunities etc.  

Groups, whether already established or just getting started, have the tools they need to engage with their local community in a positive and inclusive way

Provide practical support to organisations enabling them to be more inclusive, e.g. one-to-one, toolkits, guidance, briefing, and information sessions

Promote, deliver and evaluate a range of training opportunities involving internal staff and external partners.

Ensuring we are consistently following good practice and making necessary adjustments when they arise.

Third, public and private sector organisations demonstrate best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion

Involve partners of all sectors to plan, promote and deliver Diversity Week Fife to showcase the different cultures, groups and positive practices in Fife.

Using our Equality Pathfinders scheme to recognise the efforts made by groups to promote and demonstrate best practice.

Provide support to community planning partners with their equality impact assessments (EQIA) or implementation of equality plans.

Fife Centre for Equalities is recognised as a centre of excellence for championing equality, diversity and social justice  

Develop and maintain a customer-relation management system that safeguards the personal details of our users.

Demonstrate effective and efficient governance and management of the organisation.

Generate innovative ideas to champion equality, diversity and social justice, as well as to expand financial resources to support the work of the organisation.

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