FCE Board

FCE is governed by a Board of Trustees who regularly to oversee the management of the organisation. Current members are:

Lee Ryan, Chair
Lee has over 20 years’ experience in human resources in various public sector organisations, including the Police, higher education and local authorities. Within these organisations she has worked to help shape outcomes and promote equality, diversity and inclusion. She believes FCE’s values, aims and outcomes can make a real difference to people in Fife.

Steven Piercy, Vice Chair
Steven has over 20 years experience working across the voluntary, private and public sector in roles ranging from business sales, volunteer recruitment and support, training development and latterly organisational development and continuous improvement within the Police Service of Scotland. Having been born and raised in Edinburgh, Steven chose to relocate to Fife in 2008, where he and his family now live and work. He has been involved in delivering equality outcomes within the public sector, and was drawn to FCE by a desire to support other organisations achieve real equality of access, service provision, and together making Fife a fairer and more equal place to live.

Sid Akbar, Board Member
Sid was raised in Bannockburn, a village steeped in history on the outskirts of Stirling. Sid suffered bullying during his early school years and this sparked a deep desire in him even as a child to combat all forms of hate and to help spread more knowledge and understanding. His journey has led him to working for many organisations and groups promoting equality and diversity. He has worked as a senior government advisor. Sid has developed many programs for various organisations over the years and carries on using his knowledge and passion to help create a better world, as he constantly reminds people “many people are in need of a software update”. Meaning education and knowledge are the key to tackling ignorance and hate.

Andrew Barker, Board Member
After 34 years of service, Andrew retired from the Police Service as Chief Constable of Fife Constabulary in March 2013. He served in a variety of roles in operational and corporate fields in Central Scotland Police and Fife Constabulary, including the role of Commander for the Open Championship, and chaired a number of multi-agency partnerships across Fife. Andrew was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in the 2013 New Year’s Honours List.

Dr Fiona A. Kumari Campbell, Board Member
Dr. Fiona Kumari Campbell is a disabled person, social scientist and disability studies scholar working in the School of Education & Social Work, University of Dundee. Dr. Campbell is an Adjunct Professor in Disability Studies, Department of Disability Studies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. She has written many papers about inequalities, also the idea of the ‘optimum human’, technology and disability. The primary focus of Dr.Campbell’s research concerns the idea of ableism and the impact of compulsory abledment on notions of health and the measurement of wellbeing. Her book Contours of Ableism: The Production of Disability and Abledness (Palgrave, 2009), has become a canonical text in the field of studies in ableism.

Kirstie Freeman, Board Member
Kirstie has worked in the public sector for 20 years, predominantly in Housing and Safer Communities Team roles, and is now the Community Justice Coordinator for Fife supporting the work of the Reducing Offending and Reoffending Partnership Group.  Her experience in these roles has led to a passion for social equality and justice, building and supporting cohesive communities with equitable access to services and opportunities for all Fife’s citizens. Outwith work, she has undertaken a variety of charity work, and is a lover of the outdoors – usually being found up a hill somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

Michael Low, Board Member
Michael worked as a Chartered Accountant for 45 years in many different financial roles in organisations as diverse as local government, manufacturing industry (paper making and wire / steel), motor trade and the legal profession. Latterly, he worked in the third sector in a charity which was involved with promoting social enterprise. Since retiring from work, he has been active in voluntary work supporting people with learning disabilities, including being on one board of trustees for a period of over six years. His hobbies mainly revolve around sport, though now almost entirely in a spectating role.

Chantal Mrimi, Board Member
Chantal is a public servant, author, public speaker and philanthropist. Since settling in Fife (1999) as a refugee from Rwanda, she has established herself as a proud citizen who actively engages in and promotes the values of human rights, equality, inclusion and diversity. She is a tireless advocate of education and regularly speaks at schools and institutions of higher education about the value of education.  She was awarded ‘Scottish Woman of the Year 2018’ for her public and philanthropic work.


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