The FCE staff team is:

Elric Honoré, Chief Executive 

Elric joined FCE in June 2015. Elric is a Scot-Mauritian who has been volunteering and working in the third sector for over 20 years. His interests and experience include developing organisations and delivering training on equality, inclusive playwork, youth work and outdoor education; mental and sexual health, citizenship and empowerment. He has led user research and urban regeneration projects for community groups, for ScotCen, the Centre for Public Services Research and for the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy. Elric is committed to social and environmental justice.

Pat Greenhough, Operational Officer

Pat joined FCE in June 2015. Pat has worked mainly in the voluntary sector since leaving university. She began working with the homeless in Perth, then moved to the Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF). Within SDF her roles varied, initially as service user/carer development officer then being promoted to Head of Community Engagement and then North Regional Manager. After SDF Pat took a break from the voluntary sector and worked in the oil and gas industry for a couple of years as a crane operator/banksman slinger. On returning to the voluntary sector Pat worked as part of the Reshaping Care for Older People’s team in Dundee. Pat has always had an interest in equalities and enjoys working in Fife and with people who want to make things better and create a more inclusive society.

Katja Vlaseva-Adamik, Corporate Officer

Katja joined FCE in Aug 2021. Katja has worked internationally with people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds during her professional careers in the areas of agriculture and education. Over the last 13 years she has supported the learning of young pupils in various primary school settings and recently completed her primary school teaching degree. She strongly believes that by celebrating our uniqueness and educating the young generation about acceptance and how to respect diversity, we can build better, stronger, more inclusive communities. By joining FCE Katja is hoping to reach out to more ethnic minority groups and help people access the services they require to live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Louisa Turner, Operational Officer

Louisa is our most recent team member as of 2022. A Fifer from birth, Louisa is proud to join the Fife Centre for Equalities team.  Her role is to specifically develop the new befriending service with the Minority Ethnic 60+ Project Companion Support.

Louisa has come from a varied background of volunteering and working in the private, public and third sector, where her experience has accumulated skills to be an effective coordinator.  Louisa is committed to helping people and is impassioned about breaking down barriers to allow an equality of access to all which she enjoys in life in Fife.

Louisa continues to be involved with charities such as Fife Interfaith Group, Fife Women’s Tent and Generations Working Together.  She is an active member in the Church of Scotland, which has encouraged her to be a natural befriender to many over the years. Louisa has a grown-up family and enjoys time with her extended family and friends who have become family.

Sarah Hutchinson, Corporate Assistant

Sarah has worked for many years in various offices since leaving school.  Sarah then decided to take a career break to raise her child.  On returning from her career break she was offered and accepted work here at FCE as a volunteer in Oct 2018 where she was able to up date her skills and learn about some of the different work we carry out here.  She was initially offered a part time contract in May 2019 and has been working full time since Jan 2020 and continues to learn and enjoy the work we do here.

Lewis Bainbridge, Operational Assistant

Lewis joined FCE in June 2017 and completed his Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with us. Prior to joining us he attended Auchmuty High School, where he played a role in the senior House Captains group. After leaving school he was accepted into Robert Gordon University to study Architectural Technology, however realised after his first year that the course wasn’t for him and that he should follow his interests, of engaging and communicating with people through a number of different methods. Lewis is currently completing his Graduate Apprenticeship in Business Management with the support of FCE.

Yi Mei Tang, Operational Assistant

Yi Mei joined FCE in November 2020. Yi Mei has worked in the catering industry for over 20 years, and because of Covid-19, she was shielding and stopped working in March 2020. Yi Mei has been volunteering for the Edinburgh Chinese School teaching Cantonese to the 5-7 age group and was a member of the ECCS board, supporting the Aims and Objectives of the school, participating and helping school events and activities. She then went back to university to do a degree in Business Management while looking after her 2 girls. She is delighted to be given the opportunity to work for FCE and be part of the team doing the Minority Ethnic Older People Project and helping Fife community.

Otilia Palea, Operational Assistant

Otilia joined FCE in Aug 2021. Otilia is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Economics and International Relations. Upon completing an online internship in Public Policy and Charity, she realised that a role within the third sector would be a fantastic self-development opportunity allowing her to not only enrich her skill set but also become a more integer part of the Fife community. Through her position as an Operational Assistant for the Minority Ethnic Older People Project, Otilia hopes to advocate greater diversity and inclusion within Fife and help provide unique support to those individuals disadvantaged through language or cultural barriers.

Mamoona Saeed, Operational Assistant

Mamoona was born and brought up in Pakistan and have a degree in Economics. After finishing college, they have been volunteering with Muslim women’s associations for over 10 years now and that has given them an opportunity to work with women of all ages from ethnic minority communities. Mamoona has also been a voluntary carer for elderly family members for several years which has been both a satisfying and instructive experience for her. She has recently joined ME60+ project at FCE where she is excited to put her existing skills to use, while developing new ones and is delighted to be a part of this project that aims at bringing people from different backgrounds together and making them stronger as a whole community.

Lisa McDonald, Volunteer

Lisa went back to college 5 years ago, to gain qualifications in helping her get back into work. During her time at Fife College she was a Disability Officer within the FCSA, where she got involved with events through the college. It was here that Lisa felt that working in the third sector interested her more as a route after leaving college. Got involved with the FCE after seeing an advert for a volunteer needed for the Different Paths project in July 2019. Lisa was briefly employed by FCE to develop the Let’s Keep Chatting Podcast from Jul 2020 to Mar 2021. She is now back at college but continues to volunteer for FCE two days a week.

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