A Proud Partnership in Action

Fife Centre for Equalities is so proud that we and our partners have made history, collectively we brought pride to Kirkcaldy City Centre on 01 July 2017. We ensured the #LGBTI communities were seen and heard by politicians, businesses, services providers and everyone else.

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General Election 2017: Equality Hustings 31/05/2017 Evaluation Report

FCE GE2017 Equality Hustings – Introductions

FCE hosted a General Election Equality Hustings with the aim of giving members of the community the opportunity to question Fife candidates on a range of themes and topics. Hustings, or Q&A sessions, are public meetings organised to give voters a better understanding of how different political parties would tackle equality issues that matter to them.

Our panel (From L-R): James Calder, Dave Dempsey, Lesley Laird and Roger Mullin

On our panel were four representatives: James Calder (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Dave Dempsey (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), Lesley Laird (Scottish Labour) and Roger Mullin (Scottish National Party) and the session was chaired by Leah Ganley, our Information and Communications Officer.

FCE Equality Volunteer Mary starts off the Hustings with a question on diversity in politics

Opening introductions dived straight into equality topics, with candidates highlighting that the event was a welcome occasion to not only focus on #IndyRef2 or party-bashing but to discuss the equality implications of Brexit, changes in UK immigration, erosion of disability rights, global LGBT discrimination, gender bias, the rape clause and the issue of lack of diversity in politics.

The Q&A session was covered online on Twitter (see the full breakdown via #fcehustings hashtag) and Facebook – see some quotes below:

All candidates’ introductory statements: Brexit, Independence, EU, history but only one addressing equalities @LesleyLaird #fcehustings

  • Judy Hamilton‏ @judyinfife

Our volunteer Mary kicked off Q&A with her question about inclusive politicalrepresentation. #fcehustings #GE2017

  • Nina Munday‏ @FCE_Nina

@jCalderLibDem “I am ashamed of our country on the way we are dealing with the Refugee crisis. I think we can way more” #fcehustings

  • Dunfermline Lib Dems‏ @DunfLibDems

#fcehustings #GE2017 Dave Dempsey Conservatives – Tories must be the party of the many, as Tories are the party in power.

  • Bill Mair @Filosofo1961

Good to talk about equalities. Thanks to everyone who came along and asked questions. Democracy in action. #fcehustings @theSNP

  • Roger Mullin @RogMull

Please note that we have a full video recording of the session – with a note thanks to Craig Duncan who took part in our previous Fife Council Local Election Equality Hustings and volunteered to film the event.

Thanks to Colin Johnston from K107 radio,  the whole session was recorded and broadcasted on Thursday 1 June at 8pm.


Our volunteer media helpers – thanks Colin and Craig

For a PDF of this report, please click the following link: FCE Equality Hustings General Election Evaluation Report – updated.

Fife Council Elections Equality Hustings 27/04/2017 Evaluation Report

FCE hosted an election hustings on for the Local Council elections of May 2017 with the aim of giving members of the community the opportunity to quiz the candidates on a range of equality topics.

We had ten candidates from seven political parties and three independents. To gauge the opinions of the audience, we used an electronic voting system to poll them on a variety of issues. To see a breakdown of the voting results and a report of the event, click FCE Hustings Fife Council – Report.