Case Study – Behdokht

“My name is Behdokht Eliasieh. I was born in Iran. I finished my high school education in Gonbad, a city in the North of Iran. I was hoping to go to university, this did not happen. There are a lot of applicants and not enough universities.

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Case Study – The Jam Shed

FCE were approached by West Fife Enterprise to help them develop an accessible Jam shed. The aim of the shed is to provide an accessible space where people from all walks of life can come together in a relaxed informal setting to play, learn or teach a variety of musical instruments.  The Jam shed is open every Friday 1pm – 3pm at the organisations premises. Continue reading “Case Study – The Jam Shed”

Case Study – Michael

Michael is 17 years old and a volunteer at the Community Cafe, he has lived in Valleyfield for 7 years. At the cafe he is able to learn new skills that can help him in work situations and meet new people from within the community. Continue reading “Case Study – Michael”

Case Study – Valleyfield Residents

Although we didn’t catch these resident’s names, they have lived in Valleyfield their whole lives, using the community cafe as a platform to help reduce social isolation within the village. Continue reading “Case Study – Valleyfield Residents”

Case Study – Emma

Emma has lived in High Valleyfield all her life, she is a foster carer and became a volunteer at the Canteen as she had some free time. She thinks the Canteen is great as it revitalises the community and attracts new people from a wide range of backgrounds. Continue reading “Case Study – Emma”

Case Study – Irene

Irene is one of the volunteers at the Canary Canteen, and has lived in High Valleyfieldfor 12 years. She became a member of Valleyfield Club in 2014 and is now the Chairperson, the key to success behind the canteen is that it’s inclusive, open for anyone to join. Continue reading “Case Study – Irene”

Case Study – Robbie

Robbie is a volunteer driver for LinkLiving – who also provides one-to-one support for older people, he thinks community cafes are great for people that need extra help and support. They give people a new lease on life and bring generations together. Continue reading “Case Study – Robbie”

Canary Canteen – Interviews and Stories

The Canary Canteen is a Community Cafe located in High Valleyfield, South-West Fife. We gathered interviews of some of the volunteers and members of the local community to hear their personal stories and what the community cafes mean to them.

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Case Study – Tarry

Tarry is an asylum seeker who approached Fife Centre for Equalities at the end of March 2017. He was living in Leven with foster parents and looking to integrate more into Fife and get into college, as well as gain asylum status. Continue reading “Case Study – Tarry”

Case Study – Jennifer

Jennifer is a 35-year-old woman that lives with anxiety and depression. She finds it difficult to meet new people and lacks confidence, especially in social situations. As a consequence, Jennifer is unemployed and feels isolated.     Continue reading “Case Study – Jennifer”

Case Study – Jade

In May 2017 Jade contacted Fife Centre for Equalities by email after a Fife Council worker suggested she contact us.

Jade is in her mid 20’s and identified as male to female transgender who has been diagnosed with autism. Jade lives in one of the villages in the South West of Fife with her parents. Continue reading “Case Study – Jade”

Fife Pride 2017- Transgender Fife

Prior to the Pride event, our group was in the developmental phase. Our involvement in Fife Pride event certainly galvanised us as a team and gave us something to focus on. What would our stall look like? Would we be worthy of our inclusion? Would people accept us on the day? We had lots of doubts to deal with and overcome just too even get to the day itself. Continue reading “Fife Pride 2017- Transgender Fife”

Volunteering at the community café one year on – Michael

I began volunteering with the Community Café August 2016, having come along first when the café started in April 2016 just to enjoy the food and meet people.  Within 3 months I started to volunteer with the Café. I helped lay tables, serve food and helped with the washing up. Continue reading “Volunteering at the community café one year on – Michael”

Winter: the Coldest Season

This project from Mike Delaitre – a local singer/songwriter, musician and video story-maker will be a short film which will explore through interviews with individuals and families, who have come to live in Fife from different countries and cultures, a series of questions and answers on experiences of the winter months. Find out a bit more about the project in the video below:

To get involved contact Mike with the details below: