FCE Projects support by the FVA Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund – Privacy Notice

Fife Centre for Equalities is committed to respecting the privacy rights of all participants in the projects supported by the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund through Fife Voluntary Action and Scottish Government.  We always comply with data protection laws and have set out this Privacy Notice to explain what personal data we collect, why we collect it, how we protect it, and to explain your rights.

Personal data we collect

We collect the following data about you:

  • your name, e-mail address, contact details and communication preferences when you complete forms on our website;
  • through our Equal Opportunities monitoring, we collect information which includes characteristics of the beneficiaries of this fund:
    • Fife Women’s Tent:
      • women (particularly young women, and women and young
      • women affected by male sexual violence)
      • people with a long term health condition or disability
      • people from a Minority Ethnic background
      • people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage
      • people from LGBTQIAA+ communities
    • ME60+ Companion Support
      • people with a long term health condition or disability
      • people who are or have been on the highest risk (previously
      • shielding) list
      • people from a Minority Ethnic background
      • people facing socio‐economic disadvantage
      • people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantage
      • older people

How we protect your data

We are committed to keeping your data secure. We use encryption on our software packages and for web traffic to and from our website. We store any data provided in secure computer systems that only authorised staff and volunteers have access to. Our data is backed up and we have secure systems in place to prevent hackers, viruses and similar from accessing our systems and data. We also have a range of policies and procedures for our staff and volunteers, with ongoing training, to ensure your data is kept safe and only used in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

How we use your data

We use your data for four reasons:

  • to provide information, support and services to you;
  • to manage customer service interactions with you;
  • to analyse how our website is used, so that we can improve it and report anonymised visitor numbers and analysis for performance reporting and to funders.
  • to evidence how me meet our funding outcomes and to verify project activity and client eligibility to Fife Voluntary Action and Scottish Government.

When and how we might share your data

We will never sell your personal data. We do not routinely share personal data with Fife Voluntary Action, but for the purposes of the Fund we will share anonymised or redacted data and we may provide limited, controlled access to Fife Voluntary Action solely for the purpose of verifying project activity and client eligibility as part of Fife Voluntary Action’s commitment to following the public pound and being accountable for public monies.


As part of our funding agreement, we will share with FVA anonymised data on the following:

  • which eligibility group do you belong to
  • what services did you receive
  • what activities did you take part in
  • date you received the service
  • How many people received the service
  • your experience of the service
  • what impact the service had has on your Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • your suggestions on improving the service
  • How many volunteers were recruited?
  • What training did the volunteers received and when

We share limited data for limited purposes. There are three different sets of data sharing involving personal data collected through our website and our feedback forms.

Cookie/visitor behaviour – we share this information with Google Analytics (see further details below) when visiting our website; our website privacy notice is available here: FCE Website Privacy Notice – Fife Centre for Equalities.

Contact information you provide for booking our events – we share this information with Eventbrite, the third party event booking software we use. Their Privacy Policy can be accessed here;

Contact information you provide to sign to newsletters, seek help or support, request information, provide feedback or make a complaint – we store this in computer systems provided by third parties for processing, storage and archive purposes. The agreement we have in place with them prevents them from using or sharing your personal data for any purpose. The platforms we use, and their policies are detailed below:

Eventbrite (see Eventbrite Privacy Notice) for the following webpages:

  • Fife Centre for Equalities Events Booking

WordPress (see WordPress Privacy Notice) for the following webpages:

  • Contact forms
  • Website feedback

Airtable Forms (see Airtables Privacy Notice) for our:

  • Equal Opportunities Monitoring (Anonymous)
  • Surveys and consultations
  • Feedback or Reporting forms – Equality Concerns, Third Part Hate Crime Reporting, Covid Concerns.

Mailchimp (see Mailchimp Privacy Policy)

  • Equalities Monthly newsletter (optional signup)

Sender (see Sender Privacy Policy)

  • Friday Digest (optional signup)


How long we keep your data

We only keep your data for as long as we need to. More specifically:

  • website visitor data (Google Analytics) – we will retain your data for 26 months;
  • mailing list subscription – we will retain this data until you unsubscribe from our mailing list (every mailing list e-mail you receive from us will have a link allowing you to easily unsubscribe);

Transferring data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA)

We are required to tell you if we transfer data outside of the EEA. Information we collect with Microsoft Forms is stored in Durham and London, England.

WordPress, Eventbrite and MailChimp participate in and have certified their compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Framework. All Personal Information received from European Union (EU) member countries and Switzerland, respectively, in reliance on each Privacy Shield Framework, to the Framework’s applicable Principles. To learn more about the Privacy Shield Frameworks, and to view certifications, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield website: https://www.privacyshield.gov/welcome. A list of Privacy Shield participants is available at: https://www.privacyshield.gov/list.

Legal basis for using your data

We generally rely on your consent to use your personal data in relation to monitoring website usage and sending you direct e-mails through our mailing list, or providing customer care, information or support should you choose to contact us. directly through our website.

We also process your data because it is in our legitimate interests that we do so, namely:

  • promoting, marketing and advertising our products and/or services;
  • sending information to you by e-mail or text message about our products and/or services.
  • collating website usage figures and analysis (which are entirely anonymised) for performance reporting and reporting to our funders.
  • understanding the behaviour of visitors to our website so that we can improve our website and/or the products and/or services we provide.
  • protecting the Organisation, our staff, volunteers, funders, partners, and clients/customers/service users by taking appropriate legal action against third parties who have committed criminal acts.
  • fulfilling our duties to our customers/clients/service users.


We use cookies on our website to collect information from visitors. We collect information on pages viewed.

We use Google Analytics, so Google Inc. is a data processor – they process your personal data so that we can understand how visitors access and use our website. Click here for full details on Google’s Privacy Policy

Your legal rights

You have the following rights:

  • the right to ask what personal data we hold about you;
  • the right to ask us to update and correct or delete any out-of-date or incorrect personal data that we hold about you;
  • the right to opt out of any marketing communications that we may send you.

To exercise any of the above rights please Fife Centre for Equalities You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the supervising authority for data protection in the UK). To do that please visit their website at https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.

Reviewing and changing how we use data

This Privacy Notice for the was last updated on 01/04/22.

We regularly review our use of personal data to ensure that what we do continues to be fair, transparent, safe, and legal. The Organisation sometimes change software or technologies, or how we work, and this may result in us changing what data we collect and/or how we use it. We will only use your data for the purposes set out above. If we want to use your data for any other purpose we will contact you and seek your express permission before we conduct any such processing.

We will always seek to minimise the amount of data we collect and use, and to only keep it for as long as we need to.

Whenever any change is made to how we collect or use personal data we will update this Privacy Notice and any other relevant policies.

How to find out more, make a request or to make a complaint

We’ve endeavoured to make this Privacy Notice clear, informative and understandable, but if it is not then please contact us and we shall provide further information as required. We will also look to improve the wording of this Privacy Notice, based on feedback.

To provide feedback, ask for more details or to make a complaint about our collection or use of your personal data then please contact us. To make a request for your data, please click here (https://centreforequalities.org.uk/fce-data-request).

You can also complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK – please visit their website to see how you can do that.