Fife Centre for Equalities are inviting you to take part in a consultation for those aged 55+ with experience of living, working or studying in Fife. We are hoping to improve the understanding of the different experiences of moving through life for people with protected characteristics.

What is the purpose of this consultation?

– The consultation takes the form of an interview, the questions are aimed at developing  a better understanding of how protected characteristics can affect ageing.

Who can take part in the consultation?

– We are looking for people who are 55+ with the experience of living, working or studying in Fife. We are looking for participants from across all the seven localities and with a range of protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act.


Why should I take part?

– Your lived experience is valuable in building our knowledge about equality and inclusion. People will be able to learn from your experiences to improve every key aspect of our daily lives. You can be part of helping to make life fairer and more equal for others, as well as demonstrating just how diverse the people of Fife are.

As a little thank you, we will also give every person taking part a £20 voucher to be redeemed in any shopping outlet of their choice in Fife.


What will we talk about?

– We will talk about your experiences of growing up, covering a range of topics, from where you live to your experiences in your community, at work or of using public services.

To find out more, or to ask any questions please get in touch with us at: