On 02 Sep 2019, we held the FCE Annual Gathering – which was a celebration of our achievements over the past year, with short speeches from our Vice-Chair Lee Ryan, Judy Hamilton, Claire Baker MSP and Nina Munday.

There were a number of performances – a big thank you to Chloe Yeung and Jamie Aquino, Bee Parkinson-Cameron, Jaxon and Fife Jive for keeping us entertained all night by showcasing their skills and talents.

Check out some snaps from the day below!

Our Performers

Chloe Yeung: “Chloe is 19 years old and is currently in her Second year studying a BA honours degree in musical theatre at the MGA academy of performing arts. She has always had a passion for performing arts and had taken an further interest in drama and dance in high school before accepting her place at MGA in 2017. Chloe has been in shows such as FAME and Bring it On the musical and has performed in places such at the kings theatre and the playhouse.”

Jamie Aquino: “Jamie is 18 years old and has recently left high school with plans to attend Gray’s School of Art in September studying Communication Design. The arts have always been her way of expression whether it be through music or drawing. She is also a self taught guitar player as well as a singer. She hopes to pursue a career in the arts one day.”

Bee Parkinson-Cameron: “Bee Parkinson – Cameron is a writer of poetry, short stories and plays. Bee focuses on exploring love in all it’s forms, the oppositions of life and death and the nature of humanity and what it means to be human. She is passionate about issues such as mental health, domestic abuse, euthanasia, abortion and human sexuality. Bee’s work has been published in several anthologies including ‘collections of poetry and prose: Love, War, Travel and Happy’, ‘the challenges of finding love’, ‘uncovered voices’ and ‘suicide’. She is head of Left Behind Productions and has produced two plays ‘The Divine Comedy Show’ in March 2017 and ‘The Journey Home’, one of which was shortlisted for the Voluntary Arts Epic Awards for Scotland and the People’s Choice award for the UK.”

April Adamás: Fife’s INTERNATIONAL Drag sensation and this year’s host of Fife Pride and Mother of the Haus of Adamás.

Fife Jive: As part of the Diversity Week programme of activities members of Fife Jive will be demonstrating a range of modern jive moves on Monday 2nd September ( approx. 8.00pm) in the Adam Smith Theatre

As part of the demonstration you will have the chance to join us and learn some basic modern jive moves. It’s fun, it’s informal and it’s a great way to keep fit!!