About Diversity Week

The main purpose of the Diversity Week is to work together with partners from the private, public and voluntary sectors to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of life in Fife. Diversity Week Fife aims to promote mutual appreciation and inclusiveness by highlighting and showcasing the many and varied communities and social interests in the region.


What is the Equality Cat?

As part of Diversity Week Fife 2017, Fife Centre for Equalities launched the Equality Cat Design Competition to get young people involved in topics such as equality, diversity and inclusion. The aim of the competition was to design a mascot called the “Equality Cat” that could help us promote the message of equality, diversity and inclusion in Fife and beyond.

Check out the winning cats designs “brought to life” below (click here for more info) and will be formally announcing the winners at our Diversity Week Gala, where we will also be selling the designs on t-shirts.equality_cat_winners named

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