2015 was the very first year FCE coordinated Diversity Week, it was a huge success and has paved the way for us to continue celebrating diversity across Fife. The programme demonstrated the richness of Fife in terms of diversity and the many different cultures that Fife has to offer.



The Diversity Week 2015 programme included a conference at the start of the week, which aimed to show the best practice in meeting different means of communication, a variety of different activity days, engaging information sessions and lively musical gatherings. There were over 12 events throughout the week with at least one per day. More than 80 people and organisations from around Fife and beyond contributed to the events, and approximately 2000 people attended overall. For a summary report of Diversity Week, click on the following  link: Diversity_Week_2015_Report


If you’re interested in finding out more about our other Diversity Weeks, such as Diversity Week 2016, or even what we got up to for Diversity Week 2017, please click on the corresponding year.