Diversity Week Fife 2018

Diversity Week is a weeklong festival which celebrates the diversity of life in Fife through working in partnership with a range of different organisations, groups and individuals.

As 2018 is the Year of Young People we dedicated the week to the young people of Fife.

This year we started the week off with our Annual Gathering, celebrating our achievements over the past year and featuring speakers such as our Vice-chair Dave Davies and Lord Provost Jim Leishman. There was our Fresher’s Evening featuring a reading from local author Chantal Mrimi and some brilliant discussions.

LinkLiving held some exciting social cafes which gave an insight to the history of High Valleyfield and West Fife.

Fife Interfaith Group had an interesting open evening at Scotland’s only Coptic Church, they also had an open day where people could pop in and find out more about Fife Interfaith Group and the work that they do.

For all of the pictures see below, a big thank you to Dunfermline Camera Club for such great images!