About Diversity Week Fife

During Diversity Week Fife partners from the private, public and voluntary sectors work together to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of life in Fife. Diversity Week Fife aims to promote mutual appreciation and inclusiveness by highlighting and showcasing the many and varied communities and social interests in the region.

Diversity Week Fife 2022: Reconnect

Our theme for 2022 is “Reconnect” – on bringing people and services together in-person, bridging the gap between different cultures and generations.

About Diversity Week
Diversity Week Fife has been running since 2015, with each year dedicated to a different theme.

  • 2015’s theme was “Welcome to Diversity Week Fife!”
  • 2016’s theme was “Modern Families”
  • 2017’s theme was “Sustainable Inclusion”
  • 2018’s theme was “Year of Young People”
  • 2019’s theme was “Embrace Differences”
  • 2020’s theme was “Count Me In”
  • 2021’s theme was “Rebuilding Community”


On our Spotify and Deezer pages we’ve brought together some of the performers and artists that made Diversity Week Fife the success it is! If you have any interesting podcasts or artists that you would like us to feature – get in touch. 

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