Equality Pathfinders are organisations taking part in a voluntary and non-competitive recognition scheme leading the way in making Fife a fair, equal and inclusive place to live, work and study.

This recognition scheme reflects Fife Centre for Equalities’ approach to mainstreaming equality by:

  • Taking into account all protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010
  • Providing a structured and adaptable workforce development programme
  • Being non-competitive, inclusive and achievable by organisations of any size or sector

There are three successive levels of the award:

  • Bronze – demonstrating compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Silver – demonstrating and evidencing positive action
  • Gold – demonstrating, evidencing and sustaining good equality practice

Find out more details about the programme in our yearly Equality Pathfinders Evaluation Report.

The Equality Pathfinders programme is supported by:

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Current Award Holders include:

bronze pathfinders award

Sky Dunfermline Contact Centre completed the Bronze level in October 2019 with a review of EDI policies and workshops with embassadors from its employee equality and diversity networks. 

Kingdown Housing Group completed the Bronze Award in October 2019, following in depth workshops and training in the Equality Act 2010 for their frontline, office and senior management team. 

Hill of Beath F.C. gained its Bronze Award in June 2019, after implementing several recommendations to improve accessibility for its members.

silver pathfinders award

Active Schools Fife continue their equality journey to become the first organisation in Fife to gain the Equality Pathfinder Silver Award in March 2020.

Following Equality Pathfinder training with Fife Centre for Equalities, Active Schools Fife decided to focus on the challenge of making their young leadership programmes accessible to all young people in all Fife schools and that the opportunities and recruitment practices promoted equality and diversity for all.

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