What is the Equality Pathfinders scheme?

Equality Pathfinders is a voluntary and non-competitive recognition scheme open to organisations wishing to lead the way in making Fife a fair, equal and inclusive place to live, work and study.

This pilot scheme will fit closely and work with many other awards, charters and recognition schemes that are available. It reflects FCE’s approach of mainstreaming Equality and is unique in that it:

  • Gives a structured and adaptable workforce development programme
  • Works for all protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010
  • Is non-competitive, inclusive and accessible

FCE will initially offer three progressive levels of the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level is structured as to build on the achievement of the previous award and requires participants to demonstrate a more significant and lasting contribution to promoting Equality and Diversity. We will also co-produce the Gold+ Award with organisations that go above and beyond expectations in inclusive practice and take the lead in creating and delivering further training.

Why take part?

The Equality Pathfinders programme is above all balanced. It does not prioritise a specific group in relation to another; instead it provides a solid foundation for developing an inclusive practice based on equality principles.

The programme is also adaptable by being complimentary to specialised schemes or frameworks already place (such as Age Friendly, Disability Confident, Living Wage, Race Equality Framework etc). As we intend the scheme to be explicitly non-competitive, we will not rank organisations taking part on a scoring system.

We suggest (but do not limit) award levels in relation to the number employees in an organisation, i.e. Bronze for 1-5 employees, Silver for 1-250 and for Gold 1-500. We consider this as fair as the bigger the team, the more important it is to invest in equality and diversity.

Managing diversity well is also important: appropriately done, it can bring several benefits to both staff and the organisation as a whole. Poorly done, it can increase costs and increase the risk of legal action.

Benefits to Organisations

  • Businesses can raise their Corporate Social Responsibility profile by showing their commitment to a more fair and equal society
  • Equality in the workplace fosters positive work relationships, morale and long-term organisational commitment
  • Increasing skills for engaging positively with a wider and more diverse clientele

Benefits to Staff

  • Workers can develop their professional practice and confidence in meeting and exceeding the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.
  • Workplace diversity encourages and supports staff to engage in a range of problem solving approaches, as well as the capacity to relate to a wide range of service users

Taking part in the scheme’s 1st year will is free and also gives access to bespoke training and advice from FCE on progressing to higher level awards. Get involved in the pilot now and help shape Fife’s own Equality Pathfinders!

Timescales and Requirements


Get Involved!

Registrations for the BRONZE Award have started from Diversity Week 2017, you can complete your through the form below:

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Equality Pathfinders Bronze Self-Assessment

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