Equality Testers

Are you having trouble accessing services?

The Equality Testers Initiative is an opportunity for people who live, work and study in Fife to help Fife Council improve their services and information so everyone can get the support they need. We are here to assist you with accessing the services you need by working with you to reduce any barriers you face because of who you are.

You can send us feedback about your experiences by completing our simple form as a service user, or you can sign up and be invited to take part in improving services for others, using your own experiences to give insights.

Each ‘Equality Test’ carried out supports the service user to meet their needs, develop autonomy and contribute to continuous improvement of local services.

As part of this role, volunteers will test and access a range of Fife Council information and services, identifying any barriers or challenges they experienced, as well as offering suggestions on how these can be reduced for the future.

Who can volunteer? 

  • Anyone who is over 18, who lives, works and studies in Fife.

Interested in helping us reduce barriers?

Or contact us via:

Volunteers and companions will have opportunities to meet others and participate in regular support/group sessions.

Share your experiences and sign-up by using the form below:

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