Fife Centre for Equalities carried out a study of people aged 55+ with experience of living, working or studying in Fife. We used these interviews, experiences and consultation events to further our understanding of the different experiences of moving through life for people with protected characteristics.

What is the purpose of this project?

The Different Paths study starts from a series of interviews where we ask several questions with the aim of developing  a better understanding of how protected characteristics can affect ageing.

Why is it important?

Lived experience is invaluable in building practical knowledge on equality and inclusion. People will be able to learn from experiences in every key aspect of our daily lives and help make life fairer and more equal for others, as well as demonstrating just how diverse the people of Fife are.

Who took part in the consultation?

We have been interviewing people who are 55+ with the experience of living, working or studying in Fife. We have looked for participants from across all the seven localities and with a range of protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act.

We won’t be taking on any new interviews, however, keep posted for snippets, clips and photos on our website and social media pages!

If you would like to help us with with the media production, see our  Different Paths – FCE Media Volunteering Opportunity MAY19 and apply here

Check out the video, audio and interview clips from our Different Paths participants, sharing their experiences and the impact that it had on their lives.

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