We host the Fife Equalities Forum with guest speakers on a themed equality topic the on the second Wednesday of every month.

Fife-based equality organisations are welcome to join as a member, to share updates about their services and share their views about advancing equality and inclusion in everything that are happening in Fife.

The Forum meetings take place online using Microsoft Teams and are hosted by FCE to enable partners work together to make Fife a fairer place to live, work and study.

Fife Equalities Forums have covered discussions and presentations on the following topics:

  • Introduction Meeting – September 2020
  • Digital Inclusion/Exclusion – Fife Council (ESOL) – October 2020
  • No One Left Behind Programme and Commissioning – Fife Voluntary Action – November 2020
  • Health and Inequalities in Fife – NHS Fife – December 2020
  • Equality Monitoring – Social Security Scotland – January 2021
  • VAWG as an Equality issue – Fife Violence Against Women Partnership – February 2021
  • Planning and Equalities – Fife Council – March 2021

Presentations in the coming months include:

  • Plan4Fife – Fife Council – April 2021
  • Policing and Equalities – Police Scotland – May 2021

If you would more information about the Fife Equalities Forum and like to attend, get in touch! Email us at:  info@centreforequalitiesorg.uk, call on 01592 645310 or text on 07800 005 834.