Fife Women's Tent October 2021 Challenge: Chain Writing

A bit of a different challenge for October, our members were tasked with creating their own “Chain Writing” story.

Members also celebrated Book Week Scotland 2021, with our online book club session with author Donna Ashworth!

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Change is inevitable! Change can come in many forms. Some are beyond our control and some we choose ourselves. Sometimes we cope and sometimes we reject. We love and embrace some of the changes and to some, we simply yell, ‘WTH’! Whatever the changes are, there is one thing we know for certain. Change is inevitable. 

So, once upon a time…. 

In a beautiful land…. 

Called Bonnie Scotland 

There lived a bonnie lassie 

Who had a horse 

Because she couldn’t get any petrol 

So she began to clean her bicycle and make it fit for cycling 

When all of a sudden along came a 

Number 7 bus……. 

“Excuse me pal, do you go to the high street?” 

“No, but I can take you on a magical mystery tour”…… 

Oh yes please do as I’d like to be on the one that takes me to a better world! 

That my friend I can do.  Jump aboard and fasten yer seat belt 

Because we are all going on a spiritually enlightening journey to make Scotland an independent 

We crossed the border into another country 

Creating a cleaner and happier place for all of us to enjoy! 

The number 7 bus reached the end of the journey, which was the beginning of an amazing adventure…… 

Leading us all on different paths 

The choice of paths were many 

She stood alone and looked around “I’ll take this path” she said….. 

She stopped and thought to herself, ‘I am not quite ready to take the path home yet 

She found herself walking through an enchanted forest and saw…… 

The most amazing place on earth.  What is this place?  She wondered.. 

She took a deep breath and absorbed the beauty around her thinking, about the road she had travelled to get here…… 

That road had been full of people but little of nature, here she hadn’t bumped into another soul, but the environment around her was abundant with plants, flowers, beautiful nature all around.  She spotted animals she had never seen before.  So, she thought, how does all this thrive here but not where I came from? 

Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good 

Beauty and nature makes everyone smile 

She heard the sound of water, and soon came across a beautiful waterfall.  It was easily accessible, so….. 

She looked and listened and quietly dipped her toes in the refreshingly cold water….. 

As she sat gazing at the waterfall admiring it’s beauty suddenly there was a movement, and she was transfixed by the heavenly radiance in front of her….. 

A huge green frog appeared on the rock (he was really a prince in disguise)……. 

She jumped back in shock….excitement and wondering…… 

Is the frog really my prince charming?  Shall I give him a kiss and see? 

Does Prince Charming really exist  

So, she kissed the frog and found out he was just a toad, but not to be beaten by this she……. 

Suddenly realised like many women before her.  She never had a name……… 

Wanted to her point as she knew the day was to come 

She thought maybe I don’t need a name 

Her name was so long forgotten that even she can’t remember it herself.  She was called a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother 

All angels waiting to fly 

Colourful birds she had never seen before, began to circle around her.  Then began to lead her further into the enchanted forest…… 

Walking towards the fairy garden guided by the shining stars  

She noticed the most beautiful…. 

Tree.  It’s branches were silvery with long trails of feathery lichen cascading down.  She noticed that the inside of the tree was hollow, so she peered in and just like Alice in Wonderland she…. 

Was very inquisitive to find out what was in there 

So poked her head in and it was nothing like she ever imagined.  There was a huge almighty……. 

Light, brighter that she had ever seen, coming from below, and a slide leading down so…… 

Some changes can break your heart to mend it takes a lot of courage 

She took a courageous leap of faith and slid down the slide into the bright light, hoping to find a way to mend her broken heart 

The bright light shone guiding her to the most beautiful 

And she soaked it in 

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