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On Thursday 27 February 2020, a few members of Fife Women and Inclusion in Politics got together at High Valleyfield Community Centre to reminisce about what we learned and the good feelings we had when we attended the previous events.  We also discussed how this project can move forward to include more marginalised women.  Jo did a wonderful job in guiding our discussions.

Here are the big ideas:

  • New Name– Fife Women and Inclusion in Politics is too long.  The group decided on a new name “Fife Women’s Tent”.
  • Revised Purpose– Promote positive physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for marginalised women in Fife by encouraging them to be active in local communities.
  • New Activities– Three key events this year focusing on developing skills and knowledge for women to improve their own physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  All events will be held at High Valleyfield Community Centre, between 12noon to 4pm.  We will encourage women of all age groups to attend.  Creche will be available at every event.

Check out the Fife Women’s Tent Facebook group! The aim is to promote positive physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for marginalised women in Fife by encouraging them to make positive connections and support each other in these troubled times.

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