The Equality Collective is the engagement arm of FCE, acting as a driver for change.

By becoming a part of the Equality Collective you stay informed in what is going on in the equalities world, with events going on throughout the year it is the perfect opportunity for people to come together and have their voices heard, to help make their communities and Fife a more inclusive place that appreciates and respects everyone living, working or studying there.

As a member of the Equality Collective:

  • Have the chance to take part in focus groups, consultations, surveys, interviews and more activities.

  • Be invited to come along to our events, workshops, training and celebrations.

  • Raise your concerns about any barriers access to services due to your protected characteristics.

  • Share your personal stories and experiences with us and help promote the rich and diverse population of Fife.

 Keep informed through

  • Dates for your diary
  • Accessing our information, guides and tool-kits
  • Our Email communications

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Keep us informed by

  • Raising your concerns  –  if you or anyone you know feels they have been treated unfairly or have an issue with a service you have received or tried to access let us know
  • Letting us know how we can help you
  • Sharing your stories with us