“We built a very useful partnership with Fife Centre for Equalities for the first Fife Pride in 2017 and believe it is essential for the people of Fife to see agencies working together to address the needs of the LGBT community, making Fife a better place to live, work and study.”
Pink Saltire

"Over the past year, we have really enjoyed working with FCE and have been inspired by the work the team have carried out. Working closely with Pat specifically has really helped to progress our Ambassador Network, and her support throughout the year has been invaluable. The “how to review” session that was facilitated by an FCE volunteer supported by Pat, was a tremendous success and was one of the highlights of my year.

We are constantly impressed by the impact that FCE make on a daily basis in Fife and look forward to watching you break down more barriers in the future."

Euan's Guide
“FCE has provided us with a local and unique combination of information, training and networking to encourage and support us in becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.”
Fife Contemporary

"I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation to Pat Greenhough and the Fife Equalities team for all the help and support they have given to the Fife Interfaith Group during 2017. I sincerely hope that in 2018 will also be able to rely on continued, invaluable input.

We have been supported with advice, mentoring, web and facebook training, printing, attendance and input at meetings, support in updating policies and the constitution as well as in many other areas."

"The Fife Equalities Team have worked very hard to to bring Fife Interfaith Group into the 21st Century and are still continuing to guide us in the right direction.  Their support has been so valuable in helping us to try and raise our profile and be more pro-active, improved our minutes recording, constitution and general way of working.  IT support has helped us to be more proficient in postings to to Facebook and our Website.  We hope this help can continue a little longer as we now try to put everything into operation and start to grow as a Group."

Fife Interfaith Group
"FCE were instrumental in assisting our fledgling group with our preparations for Fife Pride 2017. They also provided us with a “Safe Space” on the day which transgender people could utilise either to chat in private or just to safely rest away from the crowd. This support proved invaluable and the day was a great success for us."
Transgender Fife

"Fife Centre for Equalities is a key stakeholder in the Equality and Human Rights work of NHS Fife.

The Centre Manager and Engagement Officer contribute to many of the planning Equality Groups that NHS Fife co-ordinates and they always provide valuable input and perspective to work being developed by the organisation.

In 2017, NHS Fife joined the FCE LGBTi Group (chaired by FCE Engagement Officer, Pat Greenhough) which as one of its workstreams,  facilitated a joint approach across partner organisations for the promotion of National Aids and HIV Awareness Day (2017). The help and support provided by the FCE LGTi Network Group was a significant contributing factor to the success of the two roadshows that NHS Fife ran for Aids Awareness Day.

Over 1000 staff, patients and members of the public showed support for the national campaign by either ‘Wearing Something Red’ or taking the opportunity to wear the Red Ribbon of support. It is important that NHS Fife and other organisations get support to plan for LGBTi Campaigns as it does provide an opportunity to tackle stigma and discrimination on important Equality issues.

The LGBti Group also helped organise arrangements for a ‘Grand Round’ presentation in 2018 for Medical Staff from a High School, LGBTi  Activist Group to present on LGBTi issues."

"Fife Centre for Equalities are a strong and supportive partner  organisation in our work to prevent blood borne viruses, promote sexual health and wellbeing and challenge stigma and discrimination. They are involved at the strategic level in the Fife Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Executive group and provide leadership, expertise and support to a range of partnership groups including the Fife LGBTi Network and Sexual Health & BBV Prevention group.  An example of their contribution is the work led by FCE staff to develop proposals to raise awareness of coercion and harm in relationships and promote sources of support in at risk populations."

NHS Fife

"Our project was planning to hold two events and Fife Centre for Equalities gave us some advice around finding appropriate accessible venues. They were designing and seeking to trial paperwork aiming to give organisations guidelines around what to look for in a venue in order for it to be fit for purpose and fully accessible for the target audience. The paperwork was designed to be easy to follow and use while visiting a possible venue. The paperwork covered every eventuality and was extremely beneficial. Our project held another event late in 2017 and used the paperwork again to source an appropriate accessible venue."

"I was working with a lady who had an interest in learning to play the guitar. The lady wanted to learn in order to fulfil a lifelong dream to play the guitar but she also felt it would be an alternative way to communicate with her Autistic son who also showed an interest in the guitar. Through a conversation with the Fife Equalities Centre Pat, who could play the guitar herself arranged to meet with the lady and give her some lessons. She  followed the lessons up with resources that the lady could access in order for her to gain confidence in learning the basics such as the chords and how to tune her guitar. This support from Pat increased this lady’s  self esteem."

ENABLE Scotland