FCE is working in partnership to help make Fife a more inclusive place to live, work and/or study and we feel its important we understand that people are individuals and everyone is different.

This page is a place where individual voices and experiences can be heard and shared through  individual testimonies, personal stories, case studies, video and other forms of media.

This should provide people with the opportunity to  appreciate and understand how diverse people are by making a wide range of voices heard.

If you have a story to tell about you or your community and would like to contribute to a message that champions equality, diversity, inclusion and social justice, contact us.

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FCE Modern Families Conference 2016 Human Library: Sylvia’s Story

Short video of human library workshop at the Modern Families Conference 2016. Sylvia talks about the importance for disabled people to be involved in decisions concerning them, as per the UN motto of ‘Nothing about us without us’.

(produced in partnership/collaboration)

Fife Pride 2017 – Besides the Norm Podcast

This short film created by Besides the Norm Podcast is a collection of footage from the fantastic, Fife Pride event in July, featuring intervews from a variety of attendees and also coverage of the march and the exciting acts and performers that took part in the afternoon.

Beside The Norm Podcast: Diversity Week Fife 2017

Besides The Norm Podcast was live on Tuesday 15 August with Nina Munday and Lewis Bainbridge. Check it out on Facebook here.

podcast pic

Queer Kingdom – Pink Saltire

Queer Kingdom follows the real life stories of Fifers who grow up lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual. Rural communities can often feel like very isolating and lonely places for LGBT+ people, and very different to life in the big cities. This short film portrays the personal stories of Fifers, which are likely to be replicated experiences right across Scotland.

Fèill Fhìobha 2016 – Fife Gaelic Development Group

Fèill Fhiobha is an annual Scots Gaelic Festival celebrates all things Scottish bringing together, workshops and activities from both Scots and Gaelic speaking communities across the East of Scotland to celebrate .

The Fèill/Festival is for families and aims to celebrate many parts of Scottish culture. Listen to traditional, and contemporary Scottish music, learn a bit about the languages, try your hand at sports, and indulge in Scottish History.