This project, run by Nick Gonzalez, is centred around the people that have moved into Scotland from overseas and the objects that connect them to home. Each photograph is a portrait taken with an object or item that holds significance.

The images will be collated and may be used in exhibition and book form. Nick has previously worked with The Welcoming Committee, based in Toll Cross, Edinburgh, and is hoping to expand beyond the Edinburgh boundaries. Below is a link to some previous portraits taken both as part of this project and outwith.


Nick is currently looking for volunteers to take part. He has a current PVG membership (scheme number is 1110 0467 5335 0341) and would more than happy to talk about the project if you are interested – either by phone or in person at a convenient time.

Nick would normally meet with the subject and speak to them for a few minutes before taking their portrait, and the whole process takes no more than 20 minutes per person.

Get in contact with Nick by email at: