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Fife Health Promotion Information and Resources Centre:

The Fife Health Promotion Service have launched different resources aimed at supporting individuals across Fife for example:

  • Keeping Connected 
  • Virtual Wellbeing Pack
  • The 10 positive steps…

Once you have registered you will be able to choose from a wide range of lending resources such as teaching kits, pull up banners, models, games, DVDs and equipment (restrictions currently apply).  You can also place orders for leaflets and posters. For more information on HPAC or to book a demonstration please email

To view the resources visit their website here.

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership: New Training Programme: 

The Health Promotion Service Team have released their latest online training programme, featuring a range of different workshops and training packages such as: 

  • Introduction to Community Engagement
  • Wave of Live – The Child’s Voice when Living in Poverty 
  • Reduce the Risk – Cancer Prevention
  • Self Harm and Suicide – Supporting Young People 

And much more! To find out more about the specific training packages and to book a place, visit their new website.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Raising Tool (DAART)

This new E-Learning tool is intended to support a wide range of professionals to better understand

  • the dynamics of abuse
  • how to spot controlling behaviours
  • to look out for signs of abuse, including coercive controlling behaviours.
  • to develop a common understanding of domestic abuse that delivers a consistent and effective message for victims
  • provide an effective, early intervention
  • to signpost potential victims to support.

For professionals in the housing, social work, health, education and other sectors with an interest in the new domestic abuse legislation, the resource aims to improve understanding of coercive controlling behaviours, and where to direct people for further assistance.

The resource consists of a free, online module which will take around 30 minutes to complete

The resource is available at:

The Domestic Abuse Awareness Raising Tool (DAART) builds on the DA Matters Scotland programme developed for Police Scotland in collaboration with partners ASSISTthe Caledonian SystemSacro and Scottish Borders Safer Communities team as part of the implementation of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act.  It will explore:

  • The definition and prevalence of domestic abuse
  • The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018
  • General awareness and identification of domestic abuse, including coercive control
  • Safe responses and referral pathways
  • The resource reflects real experiences of women, children, men, LGBT people and the BME community. It also includes case studies that show tactics perpetrators use to manipulate victims and responders, as well as the impact of domestic abuse and coercive control on the whole family. 

It is intended that the resource will provide a basic introduction and can be supplemented by further specialist training.

Fife Trauma Training Collaborative

This e-learning module looks at trauma, what it is and how everyone can make a difference. The training is set at level 1 of the National Trauma Training Framework and is suitable for all workers in Fife, irrespective of their role, in recognition of the fact that ‘trauma is everyone’s business.’

In addition, NES (NHS Education for Scotland) have developed e-learning at level 2 of the framework which meets the needs of staff working in roles where they will work directly with clients who may have experienced psychological trauma.
Both e-learning modules are now available to access using the links below.

Access to E-Learning

If you are a Fife Council employee, you can access e-learning by clicking the links below.
Level 1 (Informed) – Becoming Trauma Informed
Level 2 (Skilled) – Developing Your Trauma Skilled Practice
If you have any questions, please contact

If you work for NHS, you can access the modules by clicking the links below.
Level 1 (Informed) – Becoming Trauma Informed
Level 2 (Skilled) – Developing Your Trauma Skilled Practice*
*Please note that if you need to create a new Turas Account to access the level 2 course, you can use a personal e-mail address if you do not have a work e-mail address.

If you work for any Fife Council Partner Organisation, e.g. the voluntary sector, please use
the links below.
Level 1 (Informed) – Becoming Trauma Informed
Level 2 (Skilled) – Developing Your Trauma Skilled Practice

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Promotion Training Team at: 

It is acknowledged that the two training modules were developed prior to COVID-19 and they focus on reactions to past events.

However, there is widespread recognition that there will be psychological effects resulting from the pandemic, and a trauma informed perspective
may help us respond to these more effectively. NES also have a number of very
good resources developed specifically in response to COVID-19 which can be accessed here.

Of note, there is an e-learning module on Psychological First Aid which is the recommended psychological support response to COVID-19.

Protecting the psychological wellbeing of staff and teams for managers and team leaders .

Please note that you need a TURAS account to access these courses. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a TURAS account here:

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