Equality News Update: Fife Today: Fife school’s community cafe wins award

Pupils at Markinch Primary School are to receive an award for their popular community cafe.

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Case Study – Michael

Michael is 17 years old and a volunteer at the Community Cafe, he has lived in Valleyfield for 7 years. At the cafe he is able to learn new skills that can help him in work situations and meet new people from within the community. Continue reading “Case Study – Michael”

Case Study – Valleyfield Residents

Although we didn’t catch these resident’s names, they have lived in Valleyfield their whole lives, using the community cafe as a platform to help reduce social isolation within the village. Continue reading “Case Study – Valleyfield Residents”

Case Study – Emma

Emma has lived in High Valleyfield all her life, she is a foster carer and became a volunteer at the Canteen as she had some free time. She thinks the Canteen is great as it revitalises the community and attracts new people from a wide range of backgrounds. Continue reading “Case Study – Emma”

Case Study – Irene

Irene is one of the volunteers at the Canary Canteen, and has lived in High Valleyfieldfor 12 years. She became a member of Valleyfield Club in 2014 and is now the Chairperson, the key to success behind the canteen is that it’s inclusive, open for anyone to join. Continue reading “Case Study – Irene”

Case Study – Robbie

Robbie is a volunteer driver for LinkLiving – who also provides one-to-one support for older people, he thinks community cafes are great for people that need extra help and support. They give people a new lease on life and bring generations together. Continue reading “Case Study – Robbie”