Fair Saturday International Ceilidh

The St Andrews Fair Saturday International Ceilidh is organised by Fife Centre for Equalities with the Centre for Minorities Research at the University of St Andrews for people from all nationalities and ethnicities and celebrate St Andrews day on the principles of social inclusion, fairness and sharing. Join us for some food and a reel … Continue reading Fair Saturday International Ceilidh

Equality Collective – Second meeting!

The Equality Collective is open to anyone who is interested in making Fife a fairer place to live, work and study. The aim is to give you the opportunity to come together, creating a collective voice that can identify how communities can reduce the barriers that affect people. This weekend will be the second Collective … Continue reading Equality Collective – Second meeting!

Sky Career Information Day – 04 Nov 2018

On 04 Nov 2018, we co-hosted a career information day with Sky Contact Centre Dunfermline.   The purpose of the day was to give an insight into what it's like to work in a Sky contact centre, the range of positions available, what skills you will develop whilst working there and the recruitment process. There … Continue reading Sky Career Information Day – 04 Nov 2018

Equality News Update: The Herald: CBI Scotland director calls for ‘open and honest’ discussion around gender diversity in the workplace

THE director of CBI Scotland has called for “open and honest” discussion around gender diversity in the workplace after a new report revealed that women working in finance and accounting roles take longer than their male counterparts to reach executive level.