Inclusion Fundamentals: Understanding Diversity
Inclusion Fundamentals is a one-day training workshop that gives participants the basic guiding principles in understanding the diverse needs of people of different protected characteristics and how these needs can be met with flexibilities and adjustments to how we normally conduct our business. This workshop also improves organisational readiness in addressing equality issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the functions of Fife Centre for Equalities
  • Better knowledge of Equality Act 2010
  • Better application of diversity and inclusion as part of organisational development or service delivery
  • Being more confident in developing equality outcomes

Inclusive Communications:
This one-day Inclusive Communication Workshop aims to expand participants’ understanding of inclusive communication as well as to help participants develop strategies in tackling communication barriers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of ethos and values of inclusive communication
  • Increased awareness and ability to identify communication barriers
  • Better knowledge of different types of inclusive communication
  • Being confident in applying inclusive communication in the workplace
inclusive communications workshop held on 23 Feb 2017

Overcoming Unconscious Bias:
The Overcoming Unconscious Bias training course aims to help those in positions of leadership to understand hidden factors that contribute to the success or failure of organisational policy and strategy.  It consolidates participants’ experience and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues, acting as a revision course for them as necessary.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better awareness of the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Better knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 and its relevance to unconscious bias
  • Better understanding of tools and strategies in tackling unconscious bias
  • Being confident in tackling unconscious bias in the workplace

Inclusion Cultivation:
The Inclusion Cultivation aims to help those aspire to be equality trainers to learn the techniques in designing and conductinga programme of activities based on your personal experience and knowledge.  You will also learn the approaches you canadopt in your promotional strategy.  Moreover, you will acquire the confidence to lead discussions on fairness and equality.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the purpose of diversity and inclusion training
  • Better knowledge of techniques in delivering diversity and inclusion training
  • More confidence in promoting diversity and inclusion
  • More confidence in engaging with a wide-ranging audience

Lunchtime Equality Workshop:
The Lunchtime Equality Workshop is a practical and informal session introducing how the Equality Act 2010 applies to yourself and/or your organisation. Each session also includes a themed briefing, participants are invited to send queries about specific issues or barriers to equality they are addressing at work or in their community group setting. The learning gained from the workshop is then shared openly.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge of the Equality Act 2010
  • Increased capacity to recognise and tackle discrimination
  • Increased knowledge and understanding on a specific area of equality policy or practice
  • Increased confidence in delivering a specific area of equality policy or practice

Bespoke Workshops and Consultancy
FCE also offers bespoke training and consultancy for organisations in Fife. Organisations we have worked with recently on equality and inclusion include EnergiDEAP, Fife Society for the Blind, Glenrothes Men’s Shed, Fife Gaelic Development Group and Enable Scotland SDS team.

If you are not sure of what type of training would benefit you or your organisation, contact us to find out what would be most suitable. We deliver training in a range of formats, e.g. formal, informal and activity-led workshops.

Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA)
FCE can help and assist your organisation if you are considering carrying an EQIA of your services.  We can assist Equality and Diversity (E&D) Officers, Champions, Managers
and Staff who have to undertake Equality Impact Assessments as part of their remit and assist with compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Evidencing and Mainstreaming Equality Data Workshop:

The Evidencing and Mainstreaming Equality Data Workshop is a hands on workshop aimed at service providers wishing to improve the quality and usage of their data. Each session also includes a refresher of the mainstreaming approach, GDPR and Data Protection, EQIAs and Equal Opportunities monitoring to drive organisational change. Participants will map out how the data they gather can be used as a resource to actively promote equality.

Learning outcomes:

  • Better understanding of mainstreaming approach of the Equality Act 2010
  • Increased knowledge of equality data sources, indicators and reporting platforms
  • Better understanding GDPR and Data Protection of sensitive data
  • Better understanding of Equal Opportunities Monitoring as a policy tool
  • Better understanding of Equality Impact Assessments
  • Increased practical knowledge in mapping equality data usage

Understanding Gender Indentity:

This workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of the terminology describing gender identity. More importantly, this workshop will help you to manage gender-based bias and develop inclusive support for all young people.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding that Gender and Sexual Orientation are not the same thing
  • Understanding the components that make up gender identity
  • Better awareness of gender identity terminology and how people use them
  • More confident in supporting people with non-traditional gender identities